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5/5/2022 8:27:31 PM

TWAB - Scavenger mods need to cost less before you start adding more mods to our leg armor

I saw in the twab that they’re considering something to slot in the boots for the future as you can (but not in all cases) only use holsters in pvp now. Clearly they forgot the great PVE purge of boot build crafting when scav mods were made hilariously expensive due to PVP balancing. The least bungie can do FIRST is revert the cost of scavs or retune them for pve only. Obviously you can’t make them all 1 because balance and relevance issues so here is how I would do it: - GLs, Rockets, Swords, Snipers, HMGs, LFRs cost 3 - Shotguns, Glaives, Fusion rifles, Bows cost 2 - sidearms cost 1 To address the argument of “Just remove scavenger mode because we have so many ways to make ammo”, here are some flaws in that argument: - Finishers either require: exotic builds (aeon), super drain requirements or an expensive seasonal mod that is also conditional. - finders are inconsistent. This inconsistency requires 2 finders to feel remotely rewarding, but also the ammo bricks are bare bones at best. Here are my suggestions that would allow for scavengers to be removed completely without issues to build crafting: - increase finder ammo consistently and/ or increase amount of ammo gained per brick - increase base ammo brick capacity - reduce super cost for special finisher Either way, scavs need a rework or they should be removed entirely followed by a buff to ammo drops to compensate. Because it just feels way too unnecessary to spend up to FIVE on a scav mod when I can only use ten energy on my boots.

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