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4/18/2022 5:34:57 PM

Please stop with the copy/ paste seasonal activities.

I feel like after season 8 bungie just thinks we liked menagerie because it was a 6v6 mode. Like pretty much all modes after it never lived up to it. Vex offensive - boring, no substance, poor loot that got sunset Sundial - slightly better, sunset loot, boring until boss fight Override - defiantly the most boring, I’m VERY tired of gambit mechanics Astral alignment - worst boss fights, loot was all bad (you could literally get it anywhere else), VERY boring after I got the catalyst. Dares of eternity - no real change every run, same locations apart from bosses. Like what’s the point of all these activities if they are just gonna be removed later and found to be boring lowest common denominator slog content after 5 clears??? I really think whatever skeleton crew is working on these bottom of the barrel activities need to move onto the strike, crucible or gambit (lmao) teams because most people would rather have more core content like new maps and strikes EVERY SEASON. Can you imagine: instead of some lame 6 or 3 man pve mode or public event, we get: crucible maps, strikes, gambit maps. I’m not sure what else can change but the lack of innovation with the seasonal content team (NOT the story team, they are fine) is starting to get frustrating.

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