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Bearbeitet von WolfEdwyn: 4/13/2022 12:09:43 PM

Deepsight Chest Bug - Witch’s Echo & Queen’s Bailey

Hi Bungie! Firstly, just wanted to say I appreciate all the devs, community managers, and support staff do! I’m aware of a hotfix that made Deepsight tier 3 chests respawn on weekly reset. However, I’m experiencing a bug where the Deepsights in Queen’s Bailey and Witch’s Echo don’t respawn at all. I collected them before the hotfix but they never respawned after the hotfix and I waited several weeks but they still haven’t shown up. Other deepsight chests do show up but for some reason the ones I collected before the patch won’t show up anymore. I even tried looking for them on a different character and nada! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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