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Bearbeitet von CorndogCrusader: 3/3/2022 12:37:51 AM

Options to Unlock Previous Contents Armour (And Weapons)

So, I recently noticed something that I hated about Destiny 2. Sunsetting. Yes, I know, "EVERYONE HATES SUNSETTING!!" but hear me out here. So, I recently took a long break from Destiny 2 after getting bored of it for a while, and finding other games I'd prefer to play instead. Mainly Forza Horizon 5 and Pokemon BDSP, so I took a break for a while and I just recently came back today. I had realized that I had all the Pathfinder Set, EXCEPT for the gauntlets. This makes me very sad. This is a plea to Bungie. Please allow us SOME way to unlock previous content that is now no longer acquirable. There are so many armour sets that are unacquirable now that I would love to have, even just as universal ornaments. An example of a weapon that I can't get anymore that I would love to be able to get is the Spare Rations hand cannon. It is clearly based on a LeMat revolver, and that is one of my favourite old revolvers because it's just so weird and cool. Again, an example of armour I want is the last piece of the Pathfinder set. Please, Bungie. At least implement some way for us to acquire old weapons and armour, even just as universal ornaments, INCLUDING the weapons. A universal ornament system for legendary weapons would be AWESOME.

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