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2/26/2022 11:37:58 PM

Graviton Forfeit Negates Melee Kickstart

With Void 3.0 launching, I've been having a ton of fun buildcrafting and playing with invisibility. The build that I've landed on and really love is a build with Graviton Forfeit and a stat split of 8 2 8 2 10 10, using lightweight to hit 100 mobility. The smoke cd at tier 10 is 35 seconds, using echo of persistence and graviton (invis for as long as possible), it's 20-21 seconds. Adding double melee kickstart, the cd drops to 11 seconds. The math looked great to me and it worked in a vacuum. The issue started showing up when I actually took the build outside of the enclave target range, the kickstart wasn't triggering. I had seen it a few times in game, but I passed it off as me missing the visual cue. Now that I've tested it with a goal, I can confirm that the kickstart isn't working, and I know why too. Graviton Forfeit speeds up the melee cd while invisible, just enough to where you regain melee energy before the kickstart checks for energy and triggers. Currently, the only way to get around this is to use Quickfall from high enough, which defeats the point of stealth and radar manipulation. The easiest (and only) fix I can propose is to make kickstart trigger sooner so that quicker regen rates don't negate the effect.

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