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2/23/2022 3:30:51 PM

Graviton Forfeit, Invisibility, and Glaive Bug

Noticed this yesterday while messing with the new void stuff. While wielding a Glaive and invisible, the Cooldown Reduction for your Smoke Bomb Melee Ability from Graviton Forfeit is deactivated. This is I assume because the Glaive replaces your melee on the HUD with it's own altered melee. Not sure if this is intentional to try and discourage running around near invisible with the glaive, but it does feel like a bug, as the "Quickfall" invisibility dive aspect still works with a glaive equipped. I hope this was just an oversight, cause running around with a glaive invis is probably one of the most fun and best "Roleplay" feel experiences I have had in this game, just hard to justify running the Quickfall aspect, which is almost mandatory for revives in a PvE team environment,with the glaive and Graviton Forfeit. Just to clarify: the Cooldown reduction doesn't take effect while the glaive is IN YOUR HANDS! Swapping to other weapons will still allow the CDR while invis from Graviton Forfeit.

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