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Bearbeitet von Ghostfire239: 2/8/2022 5:30:57 PM

How would you go about nerfing invisibility without making it useless?

While I don’t think the current state of invisibility is a problem, I’m taking void 3.0 into consideration (assuming it works how we think it does). I’d still prefer to not nerf it but from what this community is like there’s no chance of that happening. I’m not entirely against a invisibility nerf, however I have only seen one person suggest something reasonable. Most people don’t even have any suggestions, they just cry and moan but have anything to actually say when you ask them about how to address it. Invisibility really isn’t difficult to fight against if you’re paying attention. It’s extremely easy to see (except for certain spots on a few maps), grenades (especially tracking grenades) are a hard counter too them, and invisible hunters ping the radar when ever they use their jump ability and at the beginning of the sprint. Not to mention the loud sound cue that let’s everyone and their mother no that they have gone invisible. There is another counter but I’ll talk about that one later. However the Destiny community has a thing against learning how to play against any Hunter ability, so let’s just get to nerfing. The only nerfs invisibility might need (in my opinion) are: 1. Vanish in smoke cooldown increase. It got buffed with the 30th anniversary to help bottom tree still work well despite the gamblers dodge nerf. Having the cooldown increased will sting a bit in PvE but nothing too serious. This will put an end being constantly invisible when paired with Graviton Forfeit. 2. Ping the radar in a similar to how crouching does, when your within 10m-13m. This will act as a direct counter to invisibility’s main benefit (one might even say it’s only benefit) that being disappearing off the radar. This will allow you to not aimlessly walk into an invisible hunter, so if you get snuck up on now it’s your own fault (but most of the people in this community probably won’t admit to that) I’d prefer invisibility to not be nerfed but if it had to happen these are the changes I would make. In regards to the counter that I said would be talked about later. Whenever you fight against at arc soul user (especially they’re using the stag arc soul combo, or getaway artist) they always say that the main counter is to just use risk runner. I don’t even think they mention any other counters and people seem to be completely fine with it. So now I’m going to use that exact same argument. Use Wishender/Lorentz Driver to counter invisibility. Both of those weapons hard counter invisibility by highlighting them. Edit: Vidoc showed a Warlock going invisible on their own. If other classes are gaining invisibility then I see no reason for invisibility on hunters to get nerfed.

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