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1/31/2022 11:56:36 PM

special ammo change

can you make it so in PVP we spawn with 0 green ( with exception to weapons like forerunner an erianas vow) and earn green ammo with primary headshot/exotic weapon kills the ammo would be instanced for you and the enemy team so if you dont pick it up the enemy team will this also makes it so if you team up with people you will also get free green if they go down it also makes exotics alot more valuable and puts a spot light on perks like auto loading and shoot to loot i must stress that green ammo boxes are not an option that basically killed the flow of D1 combat flow is what allows combat to breath in the game. also off topic but can you make an adjustment to the orbs of power change either making it a ghost mod of fusing it into an existing charge with light mod

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