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Bearbeitet von Chubby Belly: 1/17/2022 3:05:03 AM

Why don't people cooperate?

This is a question that's been burning inside me for a long time now. I don't mean to make this click-baity or a nostalgia trip tinted with rose-colored glasses or anything, but ever since Destiny 2 came out, I've wondered why no one cooperates anymore. Constantly, in raids, in crucible, in strikes, in gambit, really anywhere in the game, people [i]rarely[/i] revive their teammates. It's an actual problem. Let's take gambit for example. It's time to dish out damage to the primeval, here we all are, bunched together shoulder to shoulder blasting away at the boss and a sniper gets me. My body is literally underneath a teammate, but instead of the three seconds to hold the revive button, they keep shooting away as if nothing else in the world exists except their own situation. Their own reality. I feel like this is legitimately a Destiny 2 issue. Destiny 1 felt like it was so rare when your teammate's priority wasn't to pick you back up after a death. Everyone was on it. Everyone exemplified perfect team work. Keeping your team alive was the heart of the game. I think it's a friendliness thing potentially. Destiny 2, you're standing in the tower and no one is dancing with each other. No one is teabagging the air to say hello to each other. It's get in, get out. Get the hell out of the way. Destiny 1, you cannot go to the tower without a 5-minute dance-off or a teabag session with 3 other friendly guardians. And no, it's not nostalgia. Load back up Destiny 1 today and you'll see the same thing. I'm not sure what's different, but I guess after all of this, my point I'm trying to make is: Bring back the old tower.

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