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Bearbeitet von Kalandaari: 1/17/2022 2:23:48 PM

Forsaken Campaign bug "The Rider mission"

Hi, I wanted to play the Forsaken campaign one last time before it goes away, and on "The Rider" mission (quest step 13 of 27), it soft locks by itself. After killing the three pike riders, when entering "The Boil" zone, the objective changes to "Defeat the Rider". when following the tunnel and entering the first zone where we encounter the Rider going away from us, the objective disappears, mob spawns, the rider goes away and disappears aswell and nothing happens after that. Tried several times, once killing the mobs with a pike, then killing them with my own weapons, then not killing them and following the Rider until it disappears, nothing work, the mission always soft-locks. Happened to others ? Is there any way to fix this ? Thanks. Edit : Fixed it by heading of the zone back towards Soriks's Cut, it triggered something and the boss spawned back in and the mission resumed by itself. Very weird, something with a trigger or maybe going to fast ? I'll leave that there in case it happens to someone else.

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