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1/16/2022 8:29:35 PM

Ephemera welcomes you.

Ephemera - what can we say with a name like this? We are here to be used and abused. Loved and left. Tis a sad truth... Unless you're awesome! In that case you stay. You stay like you’re super glued to a toilet seat. You stay like we are the last oasis in a never ending desert. You stay like...well, you get the point. Here at Ephemera we are proud to be apart of The Queens' Cout, their only official cross-platform clan. We exude a small, homey feel; we love our members and our members love us! What we do: -periodic clan events -seasonal activity assistance -raids/raid party assistance (we will find you a party) -pvp (aka dying with style) -”other than destiny events” (minecraft, etc) What we don't do: -talk trash to our family -litter So, if you're looking for a family with loose expectations, fun chats, a personal demolitionist bomb, and frequent dad jokes look no more! Clan/Activity requirements follow TQC guidelines

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