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1/16/2022 7:40:03 PM

An Active, Friendly And Cooperative Community Awaits You Guardian [All Platforms]

Introduction: Hey there! My name is Mega, like a lot of us I love destiny and play it most days. I also enjoy helping newer guardians which I started about a year ago with crown of sorrows. I’m from the UK and play on xbox but am also open to game with other platforms! I am here to tell you about The Queen's Dynasty Community! We specialise in teaching raids and dungeon content, but we also are a welcoming and friendly community that you can use for any lfg purposes. If you are interested in this amazing opportunity, please send me a friend request over on discord. My username is lurk3rm1nd726#7570, add me and I will message back as soon as possible 😁 Why should I join your community? Below, I will list out multiple things our community does to push activity and to welcome all newcomers! - We have a discord community of over 700 members. It is fully organised with lots of helpful channels to guide you on how you can utilise our community to the fullest! - There is a sherpa-specific sub-section of the discord where you can get one of our great sherpas to help you complete a raid that you haven't done yet! - Charlemagne is on our server, so you can create and organise scheduled events to play with other members. You could also use our LFG channels! - We also have many other useful channels that give you regular game updates, interaction with our community and fun games to pass the time! - Our clans (Queen's Dynasty Devils/ Queen's Dynasty Scar/ Queen's Dynasty Dusk/ Queen's Dynasty Winter) has 4 divisions. They all have lots of active members who raid and play with each other every day! - The discord runs special challenges in which you can win fun titles and free discord nitro classic subscriptions! - The community side of the discord has many different game channels for those who want to play more with everyone. - The discord utilises roles to help you connect with others, get help with content, and limit notifications/ spam! - There is a detailed tutorial on how to use discord if you are new to the platform, so don't be scared to join! What are we looking for in a member? Our discord community doesn't have any requirements to join. You don't need to be of a specific age, just make sure you are mature and can follow our rules. The main thing we want from each of our members is to be active. The Queen's Dynasty Community is full of channels to interact with others and to get the help you need, so make sure you stay active and utilise the tools you have! If you are more focused on our Destiny 2 in-game clans, we just want to make sure that you play with others in your clan. We do not care about your experience level in Destiny, the discord is designed to get you the help for the harder activities. Remember, if you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me over on discord when you contact me! Is there anything else I should know? The main thing that you should know is that you don't have to join the clan to join our community! We just want active players in the discord so that everyone has more people to play with! The discord is full of all ages and our members are from all around the world! You will definitely find a group you will feel comfortable in. Note that you are more than welcome to invite as many friends as you want to our community! Just make sure to invite those who you know will follow our rules. If you want to join or have any more questions, please add me on discord! My discord user is lurk3rm1nd726#7570! After that, I can get you to join our fantastic community! Thank you for reading, I hope to see you all soon 😁

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