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1/16/2022 6:47:56 PM
[quote]Did the entire quest the first week of IB. It didnt drop the shader because of the bug. And i still havent gotten the shader yet in over 100 matches and 50 packages. Seeing as this is the last IB...can bungie please unlock this shader already for everyone. Its pretty dumb that some people cant get this shader because bungie screwed up on the quest rewards.[/quote] Via Hometime: [quote]Hey there. Thanks for the report. Bungie is aware and they’re actively investigating: [quote]We’re investigating reports that the Wicked Overgrowth Shader didn’t unlock in Collections for some players after the fix. [/quote][/quote] As an aside to this, I did the Ib quest on my warlock and have it in my shader inventory, but it's still appearing unavailable in my collections. Between this and the emblem, it think they'll be applied to accounts that did the quest at about the start of WQ.

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