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1/16/2022 5:22:29 PM

Buff heavy gls and anarchy

Please buff heavy gls and anarchy. Heavy gls lack damage perks and can’t compete with other heavy weapons due to their lack of ammo and damage dealing perks. Also anarchy needs a damage buff with the heavy gls. Witherhoard is comparable to anarchy in damage and is better for add clear. Raid exotics should be top tier. Hopefully later in witch queen or season 17 or light fall anarchy gets it’s damage buffed back to full strength. Ammo reserves was a good nerf but nerfing a weapon that is difficult to get to the ground is so unfair. Imagine spending hours farming spoils or before SOP just to get a unique weapon, then for it to get nerfed. Heavy weapons shouldn’t priories add clear when specials are much better they should prioritise damage. Hopefully anarchy along with heavy gls get a buff later on, after rockets have had their meta time.

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