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1/16/2022 8:38:34 AM

I hate being told bad news and being expected to patiently wait to find out the good news.

[quote]Elements of the new weapon crafting system will encourage you to use many different weapons and ask you to burn hard-earned Masterwork materials on a weapon that you may only be using for a few hours, just to generate Orbs. That … seemed like a tall order. This, combined with our desire to act on consistent feedback that players want to be able to generate Orbs of Power with Exotic weapons that do not yet have catalysts, led us to the implementation we’ll be using in The Witch Queen and beyond.[/quote] Ok so basically what I gather from this is, is that they are under the assumption that because the new weapon crafting system will exist, that we will be encouraged to craft multiple weapons (debatable). And due to that fact, expending additional resources only for the purpose of generating orbs, to them, is a bad idea. I do not disagree with that logic because it makes sense. Master working has served little to no purpose outside of a minor bump to a stat, but the main goal being for the additional orbs that you can potentially generate. Expending what is basically nothing for the power of orb generation has been something we have all enjoyed to some degree but it's not actually DONE SOMETHING for weapons themselves, which hopefully they make changes to. Where I feel like they missed the mark so unbelievably bad, is that it's not just one mod and your done, they will be making MULTIPLE to produce the same effect we had before for a non intrusive cheap cost of masterwork materials, all in an effort to not demand masterworking for an effect. But this logic is backwards because helmets are over saturated with some of the most valuable mods we can use and putting ANOTHER useful mod into the selection just to avoid the "tall order" of masterworking, is stupid. This change wouldn't necessarily be as bad if we got any real details, but as always we get nothing more than vague wording and "look forward to witch queen, you'll get to see this new -blam!-" as the community is in flames about how stupid the change seems. I just don't get it personally. On top of being vague as to how the mods will function (cost wise, #, etc) we don't even have any sort of understanding as to why they are doing it. Cause to me, I've never given a crap that exotics couldn't generate orbs, because that's not what I was using them for, but they are making this big sweeping change for a minority of weapons, of which most of us don't even use for orbs specifically, and putting these mods on the most saturated armor piece we've got? Like...what is that reasoning? I watched aztecrosses video on the topic and he alluded to a potential "weapons 3.0" due to what was described in his video (weapon memory limit causing perk limitations, which removing orb generation may open up) and if that's the case then great. And in that video he reminded me of bungie's statement about differentiating weapons which is something also that sounds great. But do we have any details on that, no. Do we know when we will get details for that, no. So do we have any clear indication that THIS change will lead to THAT change, no we do not. And so it's up to our interpretation, which a vocal majority appear to be pretty displeased with. Even with good overall intentions, the implementation just seems very disagreeable no matter how you spin it. If the goal was to reduce orb generation then why not target that directly? If the goal is to open weapons up then why not say that? If the goal is to give masterworking a more useful purpose then why not just say that? Sometimes they are direct with their intentions and go into detail, but then we get crap like this that gives us no positive way to spin it other than with speculation and potential scenarios. Please stop releasing information this way.

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