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[ALL PLATFORMS] WARD is recruiting and we want YOU! [ALL PLATFORMS] WARD is recruiting and we want YOU! [b]• Our time zones: NA, EU, AUS.[/b] [b]• What to do:[/b] 1. Upvote this Forum Post 2. [u]Join our Discord:[/u] 3. In the moment that you join our discord one of our ADMINs will sort you in one of our clans [b]• Requirements:[/b] Discord and Discord Activity | Use of Bungie App/Website | Charlemagne registration | Acknowledgement of the server rules | Upvote forum post [b]• Here's what we offer:[/b] Clan Sherpa's | 1.8K+ Members | Experienced Sherpas | Crucible | PvE | Dedicated LFG Channels | And more. [b]• About us:[/b] Ward is a growing clan with a population of 2000+ members that incorporates both hardcore players with non-hardcore players into a Mega-Clan, we also ranked number 2 on High Ground Gaming's top 8 destiny clans! We currently we have 25 clans that are up and running with active members who have the ability to offer: Weekly raids, Sherpas, Quest help, Crucible help, Character build/Weapon discussion. We're also very open towards new players! We're also a chill community who are willing to help at any time for any activity. We also have the Charlemagne bot which makes the discord server smoother and allows people to connect their Bungie account to the server. Allowing everyone to Display their Destiny achievements, like Seals, to everyone.

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