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[ARCHIVE] Destiny 2 is leaving Xbox Game Pass. Here is what you need to know if you're on Xbox Game Pass.

[quote][b]Thread is outdated : Please refer to new thread : [/b][url][/url][/quote] [i]Last Updated : April 11th, 2022[/i] -- [quote]• [url=]This Week at Bungie - Gamepass Announcement[/url] • [url=]Microsoft Xbox Game Pass for Console FAQ[/url] • [url=]Bungie Help Article[/url][/quote] Hello everyone, Bungie [url=]recently announced that Destiny 2 will no longer be available through Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Subscription[/url]. We've listed their post from a recent TWAB below, then have following up with some FAQ. Feel free to ask further questions and we'll get to them as we can. [b]DESTINY 2 LEAVING XBOX GAME PASS [/b] [quote][b]On December 8[/b], Destiny 2 and its expansions (Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light) will leave Xbox Game Pass on console and cloud. Destiny 2 and current expansions will remain on Xbox Game Pass for PC. [b]Once Destiny 2 leaves Xbox Game Pass, players who don’t own any of the expansions on the Xbox platform will lose access to: [/b] - Campaign missions. - Expansion-specific activities: Raids, Dungeons, Hunts, Exo Challenges, Nightfall Strikes, and access to Trials of Osiris - The Stasis subclass, which is Beyond Light-specific. - The middle-tree Supers for each subclass. - The 10% off perk for Silver purchases and other game add-ons. Items, such as Exotics, already acquired will still be available for players who earned them. Previously purchased Season Passes will remain active. Players who wish to continue playing Destiny 2 on Xbox should look for Destiny 2 expansion discounts that will be available soon. As a reminder, The Witch Queen will not be available on Console or PC Xbox GamePass when it launches on February 22, 2022.[/quote] [b]FAQ[/b] [b]Is there a bundle where I can purchase all the previous Expansion Licenses together? [/b][quote][b]Yes[/b]. See information on the [b][url=]LEGACY COLLECTION[/url][/b] which grants [b]FORSAKEN [/b]+ [b]SHADOWKEEP [/b]+ [b]BEYOND LIGHT[/b].[/quote] [b]I was using Xbox Game Pass and now I am not able to launch activities I had access to before.[/b] [quote]This means that you will need to purchase a license for your Xbox Account to access said content. Please see [url=]this page[/url] to view all the Expansion Licenses. Alternatively, you can follow the in-game prompts to purchase the licenses required for the activity you're trying to do.[/quote] [b]Will I lose access to Exotics and Items/Loot that I've already acquired through Xbox Game Pass?[/b] [quote][b]No[/b]. Items and loot that you already possess prior to December 8th will not leave your inventory and you'll be able to continue using. [i]Editor's Note : Pulling some items from Collections may require the appropriate Expansion License to re-obtain them, even if you've already earned them. Items currently in your inventory / vault are unaffected.[/i][/quote] [b]What Expansion Licenses are required for Raid and Dungeon Activities? [/b][quote] [b][u]RAIDS [/u][/b]: • [b]Vault of Glass Raid[/b] is free to everyone • [b]Deep Stone Crypt Raid[/b] requires [b][url=]BEYOND LIGHT[/url][/b] • [b]Garden of Salvation Raid[/b] requires [b][url=]SHADOWKEEP[/url][/b] • [b]Last Wish Raid[/b] requires [b][url=]FORSAKEN[/b][/url] [b][u]DUNGEONS [/u][/b]: • [b]Grasp of Avarice Dungeon[/b] requires [b][url=]30TH ANNIVERSARY PACK[/url][/b] • [b]Prophecy Dungeon[/b] is free for everyone • [b]Pit of Heresy Dungeon[/b] requires [b][url=]SHADOWKEEP[/url][/b] • [b]Shattered Throne Dungeon[/b] requires [b][url=]FORSAKEN[/b][/url][/quote] [b]How do Strikes work with content licenses? [/b][quote]Strikes launched from the matchmaking playlist do not require a game license to play them and are available to everyone. Selectable strikes on each planet [b]AND [/b]participation in all difficulties of [b]Nightfall : The Ordeal[/b] may require some licenses to access. They are as follows : [quote]• [b]Broodhold[/b], [b]Warden of Nothing[/b], [b]Hallowed Lair[/b] and [b]The Corrupted[/b] all require a [b][url=]FORSAKEN[/url][/b] license. • [b]Scarlett Keep[/b] requires a [b][url=]SHADOWKEEP[/url][/b] license. • [b]Glassway [/b]requires a [b][url=]BEYOND LIGHT[/url][/b] license.[/quote] [i]Editor's Note : After Witch Queen launches in February, "Warden of Nothing" will remain in the game as a free strike to everyone. Other Tangled Shore Strikes will enter the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). [url=]More information on Year 5 DCV is here.[/url][/i][/quote] [b]What is required for Trials of Osiris? [/b][quote]Trials of Osiris currently requires a [b][url=]BEYOND LIGHT[/url][/b] license. When [b][url=]WITCH QUEEN[/url][/b] launches in February, this will change to owning a [b][url=]WITCH QUEEN[/url][/b] license to participate in Trials of Osiris.[/quote] [b]I am not able to use the Stasis Subclass, what do I need?[/b][quote]Stasis subclass(es) requires a [b][url=]BEYOND LIGHT[/url][/b] license.[/quote] [b]I cannot use the Middle-Tree Light Subclasses, what do I need? [/b][quote]The Middle-Tree Light Subclasses require either a [b][url=]FORSAKEN[/url][/b], [b][url=]SHADOWKEEP[/url][/b] or [b][url=]BEYOND LIGHT[/url][/b] license.[/quote] [b]I am using Xbox Game Pass and have Cross Save with another platform (Steam, Stadia, PSN), will I need to purchase an expansion license on my other platforms? [/b][quote]Expansion Licenses are platform specific and do not transfer with cross save. You only need to have an Expansion License on the platform(s) you intend on playing Destiny 2 on. [url=]More information in Bungie's Cross Save FAQ .[/url] Additionally, Windows 10 Store Licenses are treated as their own platform and do not carry from other platforms.[/quote] [b]Is the Witch Queen Expansion coming to Xbox Game Pass? [/b][quote]The Witch Queen will not be available on Console or PC Xbox GamePass when it launches on February 22, 2022. [/quote] [b]I have Xbox Game Pass for PC, will anything change for me?[/b][quote]Destiny 2 and current expansions will remain on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Destiny 2 is only leaving Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Consoles at this time.[/quote]

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