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Bearbeitet von Talia Sendua: 12/19/2021 12:52:01 AM

Second post on Super Recharge changes... It makes playing Tier 1 supers punishing and kind-off forces to use tier 3+ supers

In my honest opinion Bungie tried to fix something that wasn't a problem before. Sure, PvP had a lot of super usage, but this game is ABOUT SPACE MAGIC. If you want a Halo/CoD-like PvP, go play Halo or CoD! I don't know what and how Void 3.0 and future Light-subclass reworks are affecting the gameplay, but from my current experience it seems like Bungie is achieving the following with the changes: [i](+ for positive, - for negative changes)[/i] + Allow "deeper build customization" and "meaningful choices" + Shift the super usage in PvP + Make supers more important + Reducing the reward for "AFK charging" players super - Force reduced the usage of Tier 1-2 supers - Force increased usage of Tier 3-5 supers - Reducing the uptime of supers in both PvP and PvE - Artificially increasing the difficulty due to slower super regen reduction - Increase the Punishment-Factor for Super-Fails - Forcing more builds to make to be able to play every subclass skill-tree effectively - Psychological pressure to make min/maxers-players use Single-use-Supers instead of Roaming supers - Reducing the reward of killing Majors (orange bar enemies) first for more super energy - In unbalanced crucible games with one team stomping the other team, the loosing team can barely get a full super before the game is mercied From what I remember, the Intention of this change was to allow deeper and more detailed changes to each skill tree, which is a fine idea on paper, but ingame it turns out not that fun and good. Another reason for the changes to supers, was, to reduce the super amounts in PvP. Something that could have been done simply by disabling passive regeneration altogether and only granting energy on caused damage and kills, like Momentum Control does already. I say it again, from my perspective Bungie tried to fix something that wasn't a problem. The people complaining about Supers in PvP are the people that cry over everything that kills them. I am an average player, maybe slightly above. I got the Unbroken Title guilded 3 times. I got a few times flawless. I am not the best player, but I tell you, that Bungie basically made for most of the matchtime the crucible into a Halo-like clone with flying abilities and space magic as "second factor" if you have the luck to even get a 2nd super in a long game or even a single one when joining midgame. Titans got basically made meaningless in PvP and PvE with their slow recharge rates. Warlocks have an even middle-ground at least, while the Hunters are again the "favored child" of Bungie, only because they are too afraid of screwing up the majority of the playerbase that likes to play Hunter. And you know what? At this point I, a Titan main, can actually just go play Hunter instead, because my class got nerfed into the ground (statistically spoken when looking at the super tier list), our Shoulder Charge now only kills with Synthozeps or Peregrine Greaves and what is most annoying for me, is that Sentinel Bubble will be made again a "coward subclass" again, because they are removing the hybrid sentinel shield. I feel more and more like not only a player of 2nd class in case class difference, but more like a player of 3rd class (no pun intended here) because 1.) Titan is the least played class across the entire community and 2.) because we are statistically the class with the most nerfs. And to top all of that, the changes made exotics that return super energy EVEN MORE IMPORTANT if you want to maintain a quick super recharge. Great, what comes next? Forced Exotic Loadouts when selecting a Subclass? Am I now forced to equip Ursa Furiosa when playing mid-sentinel or Doomfang-Pauldrons each time I play the bottom-sentinel? You may call me a "big complainer" at this point, but think about it for a second or two... Why would you use Sentinel when Bubble can buff your team and help your guns do more damage, especially Gjallahorn? Why would you pick Hammer of Sol if Burning Maul can stack damage, has tracking tornados and the possibility to OHK Fusion with the Gauntlets? And why should you play anything else than Thundercrash with Cuirasse of the Falling Star when Fists of Havoc suck now and are less effective in cleaning the area of enemies than a 1-2 second quick detonation-super that kills everything around it almost instantly with the exotic enhanced impact damage? For Warlocks it is not much different either. You either use Nova Bomb or Well of Radiance. Everything else is basically handycapping you in case of recharge times and effectiveness. Chaos Reach might be still a viable choice, but not as much as before. Meanwhile Hunters have only 2 supers in the lower brackets of Tier 1 and 2. Spectral Blades and Golden Gun. Both supers that are mainly that low because of PvP probably. Edit 1: In my opinion Bungie should as temporary fix cut down the 5 brackets of super tiers to 3 brackets. One for roaming supers, one for One-Offs (Kill Supers) and one for Support Supers. - Example - Tier 1 (Slowest): Every Roaming Super (all equal) Tier 2 (Average): Every One-Off Super (Nova Bomb, Thundercrash, Chaos Reach, Silence and Squal, Blade Barrage, 6-shot Nightstalker) (all equal) Tier 3 (Fastest): Every Support Super (Ward of Dawn - Bubble, Well of Radiance, Nightstalker Bow) (all equal) [b]To you Bungie:[/b] You tried something, that did more bad than good so far. Perhaps it would have been a better Idea to have made the changes first when WQ would go live, instead of 1-2 months BEFORE the update. And I really hope you change the super tiers again to a more equal distribution for all classes, otherwise I don't see how you will make anyone play Warlock or Titan more than Hunter or any of the bottom tier supers more.

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