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Bearbeitet von Rivvvers: 10/18/2021 1:09:07 PM

Shotguns should have increased starting ammo in PVP

LWF:5 PF:4 AF:3


LWF:4 PF:3 AF:3


LWF:4 PF:3 AF:2


LWF:3 PF:3 AF:2


LWF:3 PF:2 AF:2


LWF:2 PF:2 AF:2 (keep it the same)


Since the shotgun range nerf I feel it’s a shame that you hardly see shotguns in use anymore in PVP (apart from the chaperone) the nerf was too much imo. So I was thinking, maybe if they increased the starting ammo amounts based on the frame type it could bring them up a little and we’d see just a little more use of this archetype and a better overall balance and choice for the game. The ammo change I’m proposing is: Lightweight frame: 4 shells Precision frame: 3 shells Aggressive frame 2/3 shells But I’m curious to what you guys think so I’ve added a range of poll options to gauge how everybody feels about this.

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