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10/2/2021 5:12:48 PM

I'm really hoping bungie makes the titan light subclasses more unique with their reworks.

It's not a stretch to say that when you play as one of the titans light subclasses that you've already played as the others as well. Each subclass has a tree focused on dealing substantial damage with your melee. Each subclass has another skill tree focused entirely around keeping you alive and bolstering your neutral game. And each subclass has a tree focused around hitting hard with your supers or abilities. All of them are fine in use, but none of them genuinely stand out as something UNIQUE. When you look at the other 2 classes, each of their subclasses has substantial diversity when compared to one another. Do they always get it right when they do it, no they do not, but theres still value in offering a new playstyle. Top tree dawnblade offers superior air control and utility for pvp but lacks ad clearing. Bottom tree dawnblade (now) has good ad clearing capabilities because enemies will detonate and burn nearby enemies to spread the damage, with very limited aerial control. Top tree sunbreaker is focused on supplying a buff with solar ability kills and to kill adds with the super. Bottom tree focused on supplying a buff with solar ability kills and to...kill adds with the super. One obviously shits on the other, but still the point is there. Top tree sentinel is used to supply health and overshields on your charged melee and to give you buffs while that overshield is ready, with a super to buff and protect your allies. Middle tree sentinel is used health and ability regen on all of your abilities and clear adds...with a super to buff and protect your allies. A lot of overlap here though the supers being used differently is a plus. I already see great potential with sentinels rework and I hope that it will truly set itself apart not just within the titans subclasses, but across the board.

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