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9/26/2021 6:20:20 PM


I request bungie im begging bungie to please look into this matter i have played your game since destiny 1 im at the edge of quitting the game because these error codes dont let me. I spawn in pve i kill ads they regen back and dont even notice me and i try playing trials the game that i love i cant even play because apparently me and my team is alive and they still count us as dead im attaching a youtube video link all of us have 3 different ISPs none of us are registering in the game it kicked us out of a trials game and now im suspended from trials its been happening to us since beyond light came out everything was fine before that please bungie or any admin can you please guide me what i can do to fix aragula please dont do this to me and the part of community i am in we are almost 100 people who are suffering from this issue and you guys are ignoring it like it doesn’t matter please watch this 40 second video i beg you guys to look into it

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