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Bearbeitet von Tolfta Autumn: 10/5/2021 7:09:11 AM

Extreme lag issues and horrible game performance with Crossplay in Last Wish raid (Queenswalk)

First, I want to say that I love Destiny 2 and have several thousand hours on it. With that in mind, lately me and my clan have been re-visting old raids such as the Last Wish. Now there is one very common performance detriment that I believe needs to be addressed very urgently, as it can cause performance issues in the future. While doing the Queenswalk encounter, with a combination of players from Steam, Xbox and Playstation (PS4), we have found that the encounter can have a variety of bugs and issues. Some of them include very delayed spawning of enemies upon reaching the room where the Knight spawns and taken orbs missing upon spawning inside the heart, the same player getting teleported multiple times inside the heart, players getting teleported while carrying Riven's heart inside her heart leading to death of all players outside the heart. The current workaround we have found so far is snatching the last orb inside the heart while the heart carrier has at about 5 or 6 secs remaining. However, it's extremely unreliable and inconsistent. This can cause Flawless Last Wish attempts to fail without any control of the players or the team. We have been able to reproduce this issue repeatedly with consoles such as PS4, whereas the issue doesn't seem to show up while crossplaying with PS5. In my opinion, it looks like a frame rate issue or a latency issue. But there could be more.

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