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9/16/2021 12:36:34 AM

So, I watched TrueVanguards video about Hunters in PvP.... And it makes me think that Warlocks and Titans could need some reworks for their class abilities

And yes, I am already prepared for the obligatory "shut up Titan/Warlock! Your class is SO OP"-people... You can look up my characters, I play ALL classes. Also it is factic true that my PvP performance is the strongest on my Hunter in consistency. Hunters have a lot of tools more to survive, evade and re-engage a fight compared to Warlocks and Titans. And I personally think this is due to the way how our class abilities on Titan and Warlock work. Barricade and Rift can be strong, but personally I think they feel so risky to use in a fight that you rather use them outside of direct gunfights... For example: * Towering barricade near a corner to extend the save position and getting a peak-view without dying * Warlock Rift behind a corner to recover quickly for more peak-shooting Hunters dodges and jumps give them an intuitive, fast way to get out (or into) gunfights and evade damage very well. And as TrueVanguard said, they have a lot of tools to make your day worse in pvp, turning a 100%-death chance to a win for them (for example, throwing knife to the head) And no, I don't want Hunters to be nerfed. I think Bungie should test around in internal builds how they can make Rift and Barricade more useful in direct engagements... My suggestion would be to add on Resilience/Recovery effects as class stats. With high Mobility Hunters can use many dodges in a short time (especially with certain builds). Let me say, high Resilience would give Titans a scaling damage resistance while casting barricade so they have a better chance to not die thru their own barrier the moment they place it (we all know this happens a lot) Also, while we speak of this, Glacial Grenades should not take damage from Titan barricades and Barricades should block their build up. Right now they are the 100% counter to a barricade. And a high Recovery stat could either speed up the animation or the strength of the rift (also scaling, not sure about this). For sure is, Titans and Warlocks need some compensation for the strong skills Hunters can use against them. And don't come at me with Shoulder Charges on Titans. Hunters have a OHK Throwing Knife that can hit OHK across the map at any time when thrown right. Meanwhile SC requires you to get extremely close to land a OHK.

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