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Multiple new issues with Lastwish Raid since Season Launch

Where to begin? - The patch notes at the start of the Season mentioned the error code "bird" issue being fixed. That would happen when hitting the "Tower of Opened Eyes" load zone at the beginning of the raid, that's the load zone that leads to both the first encounter, Kalli, and the Wishwall. That error has only been fixed as a technically. You can still be kicked to orbit when hitting the loadzone, except now it doesn't give you an error code at all. So yes technically you don't get error code "birded" anymore, but the issue still completely remains. - Secondly, and this one is huge. The Kalli encounter is completely broken in almost every capacity. 1: When doing the plates now, they take almost twice as long as they used to to complete. Meaning the entire pacing of the encounter is broken and it is almost impossible to get every needed plate done in time if you are A: Low manning the encounter B: Doing the weekly challenge in which you need to complete all 9 plates and then kill 3 mini-bosses or C: Have a player die for any reason before completing their plate. You simply don't have time to do everything you need to adequately, it was well balanced before and this has completely thrown off the timing of the encounter and the challenges it was built around. You will now often finish the second plate AS Kalli is already casting her wipe mechanic during damage phase. This means you miss out on damage phase and have almost no chance of making it to a door. 2: This part is even worse. When going to doors during damage phase, regardless of if 3 or 6 in a section have been opened, some doors are occasionally inaccessible. You can attempt to get into a clearly opened door and are stopped by an invisible barrier and simply forced to die to Kalli's wipe. Additionally, if you *did* make it into a door, you will frequently be TRAPPED in said door by an invisible barrier, stuck partially floating, unable to get back out and soon to be killed to Kalli's next wipe attack (as you are now in an unsafe section). The doors are broken to the point where the encounter is essentially unplayable a large amount of the time. (Don't even think about going for a legit Petra's run right now). Getting doors open is broken, and even if you do get them open, the doors themselves are often broken too. There is a possibility that this is an off-shoot of the Vault of Glass door issue, where certain players were unable to pass through the main door to the raid. Both door issues appeared at the same time and both have almost the exact same effect (though getting trapped inside your safe door after getting IN is an odd discrepancy). As for why the plates take longer to do now, who knows, but it's a massive detriment to the encounter's design. - Finally, for the sake of space these final two issues will be brief, the Queens Walk encounter is back to being highly inconsistent again. And the final chests at the end of the raid will sometimes not drop loot for you when opened, like absolutely none at all. - Other minor things I'm sure will pop up here and there, but these are the biggest issues effecting player experience that I've seen so far. I also want to say for clarity that several of these things have been corroborated by other players who also have a lot of experience with this honestly wonderful raid. - Hopefully there can be fixes deployed soon since there's a lot of new players running through this amazing raid right now to get 1K. And right now they're going to be experiencing it in what may honestly be the worst state I've seen it in to date, and I don't say that lightly. Here's hoping that changes soon! Thanks for your time.

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