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8/8/2021 12:15:27 AM

Bottom tree sentinel rework idea.

Now, let me clarify that all of it's perks are actually really solid, but synergy...and a specific playstyle are something particularly lacking from this tree. If we are talking strictly pvp, most of those perks are worthless. 1. Getting kills with sentinel's grenades is quite hard so you won't really be regenerating grenade energy (even if you do get a kill, it's only about 20%). 2. Being surrounded in pvp varies on game mode, on top of you needing to kill them and you never even know what counts as being surrounded. 3. The double shield toss is really good, but lacking the health regen the other 2 sentinel subclasses get really hurts it. However, my goal is not to fix this issue exactly, but to bolster it's pve capabilities substantially. 1. In the Trenches: gain additional super energy when defeating enemies while surrounded. Getting kills while surrounded grants melee energy. Add "In the Trenches" counter to show how many enemies are surrounding you (only start counter at 2 or more enemies so that you don't get to see invisible players are nearby). Superior Arsenal: Increase weapon reload speed, ready speed, and stability after getting an ability kill for a moderate duration (10 seconds). While "In the Trenches" and "Superior Arsenal" are active, increase all damage dealt by 30%. Second shield: gain an additional shield toss charge while sentinel shield is active. Getting shield toss kills regenerates shield toss energy (to clarify, it already does this). Shield Bash: After sprinting for a short time, use this melee ability to unleash a devastating Shield Bash that disorients enemies and suppresses enemies damaged by shield bash. I just adjusted the wording here. This will hard focus it's power while surrounded, and give it more overall synergy with using sentinels abilities. Since it lacks support capabilities, it provides substantial user benefits. Obviously, it would probably have to have it's super regen toned down because it's actually insane, but that's a worthwhile price to pay in order to spruce up the whole tree. This DOES conflict with top tree sunbreaker, but it deserves a rework too, which I'll make a post for later.

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