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:: Class Specific Movement Based Mods ::

So [u][b]Traction[/b][/u] is one good example of a movement based mod, that helps increase reaction time on console. However; pc doesn’t benefit from such a mod, which leads me into this concept. what if other aspects of our movement had mods for it? Possibly ones that grant your hunter class a specific enhancement to your dodge? Maybe a mod for titans to skate again? Or even a mod that allows warlocks to strafe while throwing down a rift? Let’s talk about some ideas, while I spitball a few of my own down below. Hope you find them noteworthy..! :-) [b][u]Titan Mods[/u][/b]: • Increase aerial glide momentum & lengthen hovering • Active your barriers faster • Slide Further after sprinting [u][b]Hunter Mods[/b][/u]: • Dodge further • Throw your grenades while dodging • Increased resilience while dodging [u][b]Warlock Mods[/b][/u]: • Strafe while casting healing rift • Cast empowering rifts faster • Your rift lasts slightly longer These are just off the top of my head so I’d love to hear more from other players. All of these mods would be spotted into your leg armor :-)

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