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6/22/2021 9:08:03 AM

Please Bungie, raise controller sensitivity on PC !

Have you ever play with a conroler ? I think the gamefeel is cool but there is a huge problem. When you use some super your sensitivity fall to 2/10. With a mouse you can make a 180° turn 1s but with a controller you are happy if you can turn 5°. JUST WHY?! On consoles evryone use controler so there's no problem but on PC you are under Mouse users. You could tell me "play with a mouse" but I tell you "why I couldn't play with a controler while on other FPS you can use a controller whitout differences with mouse ?". On many PC FPS when your using Controllers you can change many setting (same as mouse settings) but our settings are over-simplified. Most games have: -X and Y sensitivity (aka look speed) high enough to where you can rotate 180° in one second or less (Ex: literally any game, but noticably COD) -Player and vehicle settings separated -Normal sensitivity as well as acceleration -Dead zone settings We have: -Sensitivity 1-10 (where 10 is able to do an airborne 360° in 1 second at best) It's a shame for a game like Destiny. And I don't want to by a 200$ controller for something which should be in the game settings ! I have seen many Reddit Post but no response from Bungie. So please Bungie make a little thing for the little community of controller players on PC.

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