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5/28/2021 5:02:49 PM

Bug: Dying during the Riven encounter places your ghost in the wrong (and sometimes inaccessible) location

There's a new bug that cropped up this season with the Last Wish changes/reverts. If anyone dies anywhere their ghost is likely to be sent to the bottom of trees side as though they were locked in the middle with Riven and killed by her at the start of the encounter. Essentially the game is treating any death as Riven killing you after the chambers are sealed. This makes it sometimes impossible to recover from a single death and occasionally just an unavoidable wipe. For instance, if someone dies on the second floor of trees or crystals, their ghost is placed at the bottom entrance room of trees, which getting to requires you to go down an already active elevator. (The only way to do so being to either pop Bubble, Well, or potentially shatter dive down as a hunter, not that a hunter would be running stasis during Riven but I digress) Essentially if you die, there is a good chance it will bug out and either make you use a super (if you have it) and essentially be down 2 players while one treks back to rez the other, or it will simply be an unavoidable wipe. Either way, it's a very very disruptive bug and takes an already difficult encounter for new players and makes it into something you aren't allowed to make any mistakes on at all while learning. Bungie plz fix thanks. 💛

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