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(21+) (PS4/PS5) Join us for Grandmasters, Raids, Gambit, and all forms of Crucible.

[b]Please comment below or send a DM if interested. Tell us something about yourself to get the conversation started. Such as your timezone, age, or preferred activities in Destiny.[/b] [u]About You:[/u] -Frequently plays some form of end game content. (Raids, GM's, Crucible) -Social and Interactive. No interest in people that play mostly solo or those that keep it extremely basic (only patrol and strikes) [u]About Us:[/u] -We use Discord for all of our text communication. -Highly social group. We are always discussing builds, strategies, weapon rolls (or food or other games) in the Discord and always have PSN voice chats going for whoever is online. -Mid-size clan that has been around for 7 years. -Our active member count normally hovers in the range of 60-80. -Large enough to get raids and crucible teams going each day while everyone still knows each other. -Hybrid of both American and European timezones. -Everyone has a job and a family so obviously not playing 24/7 but we do our best to keep the roster full of active people that get into all endgame content such as Flawless raids, Speedruns, Low-Man raids, GM NF's, and all aspects of crucible.

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