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Assembling a PS5 Day 1 Team for Vault of Glass

Hello Guardians, I am assembling a Day 1 Raid team for the VoG to get that sweet Day 1 emblem. I am a D1 Vet since Vanilla D1 and I have done VoG challenges with hard mode many times in D1. I’m looking for guardians that come from the same background. Anyone who still plays destiny actively (has majority of the gear/mods) and has played Destiny 1 VoG. I want this to be a seamless experience for all of us, but Ofcourse we have yet to see the challenges that awaits us on May 22. This is why I also need a team that can stay on for majority of the day (preferably at least a committed 12 hours). We will take breaks if needed Ofcourse lol. I’ve achieved a day 1 raid with DSC, but I’m not requiring a day 1 completion. I would however like to see some solo flawless dungeons or even flawless raids on your record to show me you can handle some heat :) Last but not least, it would be nice if you were also on a PS5 so we don’t have any members running into loading issues and other technical errors. To check my own record, look me up on raidreport. Also add me on PS5 and send me a message “Day 1” My PSN: EternalAnus See you in the Vault!

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