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Destiny 2 erhält heute ein Update. Spieler müssen sich nach dem Update wieder bei Destiny 2 anmelden. Bleibt mit @BungieHelp auf dem Laufenden.


ursprünglich gepostet in: Next-gen Matchmaking is Awful
5/11/2021 10:42:38 AM
I've gotten 2 ps5's (not bragging btw), for me and my wife U just got to know how to go about it. If u have a credit card with a concierge service, they're actually pretty good at getting one for u while u simply enjoy ur day. U'll get a notification or call that they secured one and reserved it under ur name and address associated with ur card. They are quite quick at securing ur needs in just about any request asked by u 24/7. I've gotten all my next gen consoles that way, one on launch and the other when my wife wanted one for her own a little later Another way I've seen ppl get one is by Twitter, set ur notifications to certain accounts that tweet live restocks. Many Twitter users apparently share their excitement when they secure them....but u will see very toxic people on there. Twitter has so many low self-esteem immature individuals looking to boost their moral sense of superiority as if was a teenage ego

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