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5/10/2021 5:43:37 PM

Thē Błāćkłīšt is recruiting!

Are you tired of always going into LFG looking for raid players but can’t find some? Well Thē Błāćkłīšt is for you then, we have over 70+ players hungry to raid and when vault of glass comes out we want you to be here with us and not scrambling last minute on LFG looking for a team! If we’re not raiding we’re helping out each other with different activities. Now that Grandmaster has been released were gonna be grinding that out aswell. Now I’m not like other clans with heavy requirements that you have to be on call when I call no play when you play we all have lives and a family but all we ask is that you join discord and simply read our rules down below. All we ask is that you 1.Be 18+ 2.Be respectful to everyone (we joke around but no racists comments etc...) 3.Join our discord and register with Charlemagne! 4.Must be PlayStation (sorry no crossplay YET! Lol) 5.Be active with the clan and have a headset. 6.Be light level 1320+ (just to have you ready for vault of glass) 7.BE ACTIVE WITH CLAN AND DISCORD So if you’re tired of those big clans that make all those glamorous promises and then let you get lost in the crowd or if you’re outside of them set cliques and groups message any of our Admins for an invite or apply down below 🤗! Happy Shooting Guardian! GinSD Will-Of-Crota63 Siberra Z_BlackAdder_Z Valentine07 Kitten_ii Bartbadass

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