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5/6/2021 11:29:30 PM

[PS4/5][D2] Hey you. Yeah you. Wanna let your dingle dangle?

Well guardians, here we are. Whether you're new light or old there's uncertainty ahead of us. New challenges, new enemies, and why not some new friends as well? After all, you never know when you're going to need to go in as a squad of nine, am I right? My clan, Tingle My Dingle, is looking for people to come hang. About: 18+ only. We're a small clan of veteran Destiny players who have been playing this godforsaken game since day 1. We raid, run exotic quests, run PVP (both comp and quickplay), help each other out with bounties and personal objectives. We have members from all over the world who are ready and eager to welcome you with open arms. We're between the ages of 20-50, some who are students and some who are full time workers, so we understand real life happens but also appreciate time to just detach from our responsibilities to hang and play stuff. We're chill, fun, sarcastic and just all around a tight group of friends. We do not have activity requirements, but do require all members to join our discord server. If all of this sounds like something you're into, follow the link below to request to join the clan. After we receive your request you'll be private messaged by TrasherMir/Overandoutsir/UncomfortablePeach with a link to our discord server - most likely I'll DM you through the Destiny Companion. Join the server with your PSN, one you're in well accept you into the clan two_hearts Please be advised, that joining the discord is required to stay in the clan as this is where we plan events and LFG with other clan-mates.
#clan #PS4 #Clans #ps5

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