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5/7/2021 8:42:26 PM

Is your Clan dead or just play 1st 30 days of content..are you looking for solid clan thats alway playing we are PS4/5 Clan ...Killers of Light are now Recruiting

Alot of us have been play since Destiny has been conceived... We now are grown with families full and always find the time to grind Destiny ...we are a big fam...some sweats some casuals the end we all help each other learn and get through anything in Destiny.... So if your interested direct message me or on Psn ..we have Discord which is mandatory where we set up all activities and times ...if your interested my PSN is Kingjames_0509 feel free to check raid report stats to see how serious we play D2...hope to hear from you
#Clans #PS4 #ps5 #kol

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