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5/6/2021 1:22:59 AM

v e l o c i t y [AUS/NZ] [PS5/4] Clan recruiting for Season of the Splicer

Hi Guardians, v e l o c i t y is a top-tier AUSTRALIAN/NZ PS5/4 clan with spots currently available for new players across our two clans. Our 150 players do everything, from regular raids, GM NFs, Flawless Trials runs and just chilling in Crucible. Our members are friendly, mature and welcoming towards new players. While we like our players to be experienced, we don’t have any specific requirements to join, apart from the fact that you must be willing to use Discord. If you are regularly active and a chill, non-toxic and mature player, we are happy to have you join. If you’d like to know more about the clan, our rules, or players, please feel free to reply here, send myself or one of the other admins a DM, or simply jump into our Discord: See you in the Override, RobRobot001

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