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(PS4/PS5 Dispel™ Clan PvE PvP Recruiting New Players Welcome

We Are Dispel™ A Clan of Destiny 1 Veterans who enjoy tackling Bungie's challenges all throughout the Destiny-verse. We endeavour all forms of the game Crucible, Gambit, Dungeons, Raids and GrandMaster Nightfalls. Were normally all on anywhere between 4pm pst – 4am pst. Were willing to teach new players that are dedicated to Destiny so don’t let the minimum requirements discourage you from applying. Our Main Focus is Destiny Endgame. Dispels Founders are all seasoned Destiny Veterans that enjoy the grind in PvE and PvP . Join us in our fight to Dispel the Darkness. Minimum requirements to join: ~Playstation ~PvP Requirements Must have 1.3 KD+ ~PvE Requirements 75+ Full Clears, Conqueror Seal, or Flawless or Low Mans on Multiple Raids ~US and AUS Based ~MUST be 18+ ~No Drama ~Discord REQUIRED ~If you are easily offended this IS NOT the clan for you Clan Rules and Expectations 1. There will be a 30 day probationary period for us to see if we are a good fit. You will remain as a beginner role in the clan until it is determined if you wanna remain with us or we determine you are simply not active or playing with other clan members at which time we will unfortunately boot you from the clan. 2. MUST join and be ACTIVE in discord. 3. MUST be 18. 4. MUST have mic for raids and competitive pvp. 5. Be respectful and courteous. Do not be a toxic name calling douche. If life does happen or you honestly need a break from the game longer then 30 days please use the #going-away channel to express so. We are not going to remind you to use it if you cannot play. 6. Give as much effort as you expect in return. If you don’t help anyone, don’t expect any in return. You could be booted without warning for lack of clan participation or helping members in need.

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