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Bearbeitet von The Psycho Shogun Judge: 5/3/2021 6:41:48 PM

Ghost Stories Lore Bug, Collections Bug

Hi to all, from season 12, beyond the light, i have some problems on collections and lore. I attach a link with images that shos the problem. First: Ghost Stories Lore, i have 23/23 on cards, but triump show 22/23. I follow again Esoterikk video to find all again but i had taken all. The bug i think is ghost lore number 23 "To map the unknown" that is in Spider's room, but with Crown from season 12 you can't take it anymore and i think is gone from lore collection. Second: Destinations Collection, Curse of Osiris and Warmind. I miss the Braytech RWP Mk.II from collections but i had it before Beyond Light, i think is missed for the planet Mars removal. And i can't have Polaris without it in collections, but i have it ;) Third: Objects Collection, Weapon, Heavy, Sword, Traitor's Fate. This is the item with Limited Edition of Destiny 2, that i have. When Destiny 2 goes free this item is removed to reacquire from collection but i pay for it and i think it's normal that i can reacquire it. I think Bungie have to correct these issues for people that payed for limited edition, osiris and warmind, forsaken etc.

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