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3/30/2021 2:04:00 PM

Barstool Warriors Club (PS4/5) [NA]

Do you enjoy Destiny? Do you enjoy a nightcap of premium beverages? Do you enjoy the not so sober conversations with strangers that turn into barstool friends after downing a few? This is the team for you. Come join for a premium draft, premium people and premium gaming. Requirements -17+ -All skill levels and light levels allowed, just remember to have fun. -No Hate. -Be active - we will periodically go through and remove members that have not been online in awhile unless we are given a heads up. -Discord required (this is how we plan events/raids). -If you are offended by adult language, probably not the group for you If you are interested in joining upvote this post, comment, and then we will send you an invite as well as the Discord link. Note: Mostly North American group but we have a few members from across the pond as well.
#clan #Clans #PS4 #ps5

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