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4/7/2021 1:31:35 PM

Weapons 3.0 and the grind

The drop rates for weapons suck and I am tired of getting identical rolls for the same weapons. I would like one decent succession or first in last out, etc. I don't understand in the least why I can't hold over a perk, dismantle that weapon and that perk for that gun goes into my storage tell I throw it on same gun, let's say I want the perfect nightwatch! that was missing that one roll to make it godly or two who cares? That way I build my dream gun one perk at a time with enhanced prisms which are a wasted currency right now. Then I use my golf balls to change Master work, make it 5 who cares. You really want to go for gold let me unlock extra slot so it like a ritual weapon with double slot, make me use golf balls and infuse another weapon. Then it is okay if my bottom dollar or pally has 20 perks. I would grind for that, but right now I am on 41 DSC no eye's, 20 heritages I don't want, and so much armor Ada-1 going to need to re-gift that crap. I played the alpha, beta, and the crap outta D1, starting playing in beyond light and I am already burnt out of this grind. looking to go to outsiders and never come back because I can't get decent weapons without a 40 hour grind rng bad luck protection my but. It time for weapons to evolve, we still get that God roll but we still got to grind.

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