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4/6/2021 2:20:07 AM
PS4&PS5 Adult clan SLEEPLESS MERCS❤️ Welcome to the Mercs! We are a 17 and older clan. Looking for active discord users. Being active on discord is one of our few requirements. We are mainly a North American clan with members from all over . If you looking to make friends and become part of a community and love to have fun while getting raids done. Come join us, a lot of pvp as well. We will help you with anything from exotic quests to dungeons. You name it, we run it! We have pvp mains as well as pve mains. We have serious gamers and weekenders. But mostly we are a relaxed, laid back clan. Discord is required. Click the link to read our clan page. if you like then send request! Looking forward to playing with yall. 😁✌️ If you decide to join and need to get into our discord send LeSquishyE a message on psn or discord with your gamertag so I know who you are.

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