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3/31/2021 3:51:48 AM

Gilded Lightbearers | PSN ONLY | RECRUITING | MATURE PLAYERS (18+ preferred) | PvE End-game Focused

Gilded Lightbearers are seeking new members! We are A PS4/PS5 clan looking for new members to form a great PvE-based community from the ground up. All our current members are in North America with varying timezones so there is always a person online to play with. We're all active on the weekends with varying people on during the week due to adult life. Our usual time being afternoons, evenings, and late nights. Now with that out of the way let's move onto the heart of our clan. I formed this clan with the intention of being selective of who I spend time with, I don't like to waste it. With this being said we are looking for mature players who also don't like wasting their time hovering in orbit, trolling, or anything of the sort. When I play I like to have fun but not at the expense of productivity. I believe our clan description describes us best and you can find it here: And while you're there go ahead and apply to join if you think it sounds like a fit. ;P For contacting us you can shoot AimG-U a message/friend request on PSN after you've applied to the clan and I will gladly fill you in on everything else and answer any questions about us and our secretive process. Thanks for reading! :)
#Clans #PS4 #pve #ps5

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