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Bearbeitet von DynaMakoto: 3/28/2021 2:02:26 PM

The Casual Celts Recruitment PSA

Attention guardians! Have you ever wanted to raid but could never find enough people? Dive into the Iron Banner or Trials without the pressures of LFGs or elitist tryhards? Dominate the dungeons? Or maybe get absolutely nothing done because of party chat nonsense? Perhaps you're looking to learn and lead the New Lights? Then look no further! We're all working adults and students, but have dedicated Guardians from all corners of the earth. Feel free to warm up in the Discord before joining into party chats and possibly other games. All we ask is that you're 18+ for everyone's safety and comfortability. Lets max, relax, and let the shenanigans fly. [i] Eyes up Guardians 🤘😈🤘 ~ Admin Dyna[/i]
#Clans #PS4 #ps5

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