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3/28/2021 1:14:19 PM

[PSN] [EU] [NA] House of Hunt is searching for new Guardians to join its ranks!

[quote][i]"Hey, you. Yeah, you there — you're lookin' a bit lost there, huh? Word on the street is there's a new kid in town. Why don't you give 'em a try?" —— The Drifter[/i][/quote] House of Hunt is built upon the foundations of Lone Wolf Pack; a PlayStation community where solo players are free to team up for PvE and PvP group content, to discuss games, or to just sit back and relax. Feel like teaming up? Great! Want to do some quests on your own? Also valid! We aim to provide a laid-back environment for our members. So this time we are looking for more solo Guardians to join! Whether you're a returning player, a well-seasoned veteran, or only now taking your first steps in the world of Destiny, everyone is welcome! [b]First, a few details:[/b] 1) A majority of our 45 members are located in the EU — although we also would like more NA players to balance it out, and we already have quite a few! We have members in CET, GMT, and EST. 2) Prime time is often in the evenings, ranging from 19:00 CET until 24:00 CET and later, depending on the activity and/or individual. You will also catch a few Guardians that play earlier throughout the day. 3) As recruitment has just started, the Destiny channel in our Discord is sometimes on the slower side — we hope to change this as more Guardians join. The LWP community might feel big, but it is actually tight-knit and welcoming to new people! [b]Second, we only require the following:[/b] 1) We strongly want you to join our Discord, as this is where we hang out and post important info. 2) We encourage activity, non-toxic and mature behavior, as well as having access to a microphone. 3) We do understand real life responsibilities come first, so we don't expect you to be online 24/7. [url=]Check out the clan here![/url] If interested, please comment or message me first and I'll get in touch! :')

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