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3/26/2021 2:31:26 PM

[PS4/PS5] [UK/EU] [18+]Irøn Legacy is recruiting!

[b]Irøn Legacy[/b] [i]Iron Never Dies[/i] [b]Clan Link: [/b] [b]Discord Link: [/b] [b]Mission Statement:- [/b] [i] "In our future no guardian under our banner will play alone." [/i] [b]Requirements: [/b] ☑️ PlayStation main ☑️ UK/EU ☑️ 18+ ☑️ Clan member ☑️ Discord member Irøn Legacy is an endgame clan looking for endgame players to join us. This doesn't have to mean you are a veteran at the game, just that you want to progress and become the best you can be, as well as building with other members. We are an 18+ clan and have a one month inactivity period as we want to appeal to the more mature player. We look for members to interact regularly within the clan to create a fun atmosphere of like minded and active members. We are in no way a hardcore clan with hardcore expectations, but we can pride that we don't need a carry.

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