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3/25/2021 6:38:14 PM

[PS4] Andal's Aces Clan is looking for space cowboys. Clan with a story. Check us out.

It gets lonely out here in space. Sometimes you need more help than your ghost can offer. Help us build a team! After losing the Vanguard Dare to [b]Cayde-6[/b], years prior to his untimely death, [b]Andal Brask[/b] became the Hunter Vanguard after the position had been vacant for over two years. Andal believed that hiding in the Last City would lead to humanity's ruin, so he secretly created a team of guardians to remain in the wilds of the galaxy. These guardians continue his quest to seek out and escort survivors back to the Last City, map lost sites for technology and resources, and hunt down raiding parties that threaten humanity. [b]Andal's Aces[/b] remain a small, tight group of guardians continuing his legacy long after his Dare is complete. Mostly traveling solo throughout the galaxy, we stick to small raiding groups when loot is promising or for longer stays in the City during Crucible events. We welcome the solo Gunslingers, independent Strikers, or the lone Voidwalkers to join us in traveling the galaxy searching for the next big score. Our clan isn't looking to have 100 members or pressure players into constantly being online. We are just looking for players that are active in the mornings and weekends, like to keep to themselves, and when the time comes lend a helping hand in the universe.

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