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3/21/2021 8:35:00 PM


Welcome to the Tetrahedronian Raiders Clan Post. We are a PvE only Clan based in Europe and America and we are only looking for those who want to accomplish something while their in our Clan. We have both Experienced Raiders such as myself and also people who have just started geting involved with raids in Destiny 2. We do have Rules and Requiremnets for those who want to join and need to meet: - Be Active - Must Own Discord - 20+ total raid clears and 10+ from the deep stone crypt raid. - Be respectful and Helpful to Others in the Clan. - Taking Responsibility and Actions. - Chill and Calm We do multiple raids every week and reguarly help people out who needs help with triumphs for their seals. Currently we have 70 members in our clan and we are looking to expand it to bring in some more active members to fill up our fireteams. This week we have also started doing grandmaster nightfalls and we run through them daily to help people to their first clear aswell as farming for god roll adept weapons and adept mods. If this sound like a fit for you and you want to join then upvote the post, leave a comment with your raid report link and apply on this link: Thanks and Hope to see you soon Tetrahedronians.

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