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Bearbeitet von WalriderAlp: 3/19/2021 4:31:24 AM

Nightstalker skill tree abilities feel miss-matched, here's how to fix it:

[b]Exhibit A: [/b]Bottom tree is clearly a team-support oriented role that seems focused around area control. It does this by turning allies invisible to charge grenades, then using those grenades (which have double duration) to damage the swarms of enemies (which charges melee, repeat). Then there's Moebius Quiver, which seems to focus less on area control and more on boss damage. I say this because: the shadowshot deals massive damage to tethered targets, but the tethers have less range and duration than normal. This makes boss dps easier, but area control extremely inefficient. It's extra weird because Heart of the Pack, one of Nightstalker's best support abilities, is tied to this clearly solo-centered ability. [b]Exhibit B:[/b] Top tree feels like a solo oriented skillset, as all of its perks [i]only [/i]affect the Hunter. Enhanced Radar and faster movement, a damaging smoke bomb (for the Wombo Combo), and a dash that turns them invisible. Weird thing is, the super perk Deadfall is a crowd control perk, since the tether has longer range and duration than normal. It's strange the other perks seem based around solo play, involving evasiveness and dps potential. With that in mind, it's strange that a supportive ability would be given to what feels like a solo-oriented skill tree. [b]Conclusion (TL;DR):[/b] Swap the Moebius Quiver multi-shot and the Deadfall range + duration. That'll create a clear, unmistakable distinction between Nightstalker's support skills and solo skills.

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