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3/14/2021 5:33:40 PM

How to balance warmind builds

1. Remove rage of the warmind or change rage to the explosive effect of global reach (so it will deal less dmg. Change description to warmind cells can be destroyed to deal aoe damage to nearby enemies) and make global reach just increase the range (description change: warmind cell effects have an extended range) 2. Remove the exclusive ability for seventh seraph and ikelos weapons to be able to produce warmind cells (create weapon variety) 3. Add a series of 6 cost arm mods which allow specific archetypes of weapons to produce warmind cells. E.g. warmind smg, warmind sniper, warmind shotgun, warmind auto rifle, warmind GL, warmind hc etc. The 6 cost is important as it allows only one weapon to be able to produce warmind cells unless you are using wrath of Rasputin. It being on arms is important as you will have to decide in higher end content whether to run something like anti barrier sniper OR a warmind build whilst still allowing primary weapons to have a slotted artefact mod

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