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3/3/2021 4:48:16 PM

Destiny 2: Bug with exo challenge Simulation: Safeguard Heroic Solo

Solo exo challenge safeguard heroic. If you kill the boss at the same time that you die and the ziggurat goes to -1% health, you can respawn and the objective is completed, however the screen goes completely black. You can still interact with objects, glimmer that you pick up will appear on the overlay, technically you could open the chest (if you can find it), you can shoot and use abilities, you can use your menus. Players can join you, and they will immediately get the same fade-out to darkness when they join. Platform: PC (steam) Date of issue: 2021.03.01 Fireteam: Solo Activity launched from destinations menu Steps to reproduce: launch exo challenge safeguard heroic solo. Kill the boss at the same time as the ziggurat goes to -1% health and that you also die.

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