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Bearbeitet von Casey Howley: 3/2/2021 9:30:23 AM

A Handful of Suggestions

As I've been playing this game, I've had thoughts regarding a number of possible improvements I think could make the game better. Instead of creating multiple topics, I figured it might be better to include them all in the same post to avoid spamming. [b]Base Stats for Classes[/b] While I enjoy that each class has their own unique set of abilities and things they excel at, I can't help but feel like it would be good if classes had a set of base stats so they were at least somewhat good at what they do without having to invest in various stats. I'm not suggesting a massive increase, rather a total amount of points equivalent to a moderate piece of gear. Specifically, a total of 55 points split among the stats in the following ratio: +20 to the class's primary stat +10 to two additional stats +5 to the remaining three stats My general suggestion for such is as follows: [b]Hunter:[/b] +20 Mobility +5 Resilience +10 Recovery +10 Discipline +5 Intellect +5 Strength [b]Warlock:[/b] +5 Mobility +10 Resilience +20 Recovery +5 Discipline +10 Intellect +5 Strength [b]Titan:[/b] +10 Mobility +20 Resilience +5 Recovery +5 Discipline +5 Intellect +10 Strength [b]Class Armor Stats[/b] It's bothered me, as I've played, that class armor doesn't roll with any stats. If I'm expected to ever consider changing my class item, there should be a very good reason for it, and stat rolls would be a very good reason. Considering the above suggestion, this should probably be considered an alternative to it, not in addition to it (unless class items roll with very low stat numbers). [b]Class Bounties[/b] I'm not sure where this idea came from, maybe a desire to shake things up a bit every now and then, but class-based bounties might be an interesting addition to the currently available list. I'd suggest having Ikora be the vendor for these bounties. [b]Exotic Armor Improvements[/b] While playing, and obtaining various pieces of exotic armor, it struck me that most of them seem rather lackluster, and rather expensive to upgrade for no additional benefit outside of the standard masterworking buff. I suggest, and a loose improvement, that exotic armor gain either a perk improvement or additional perk after being masterworked. Otherwise, just lowing the cost of masterworking exotic armor would be a fine improvement.

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